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by: Sanford Lapedis, ND - Homeopathic Practitioner

Sanford Lapedis N.D. specializes in the homeopathic treatment of chronic and complex disorders.
With more than 30 years of experience as a classical homeopath, he has successfully treated people from all over the world, and provided them with relief.
With genuine compassion, and a caring attentive nature, he has developed the ability to pinpoint and treat the root level of disease. His mission is to restore your health and well-being effectively, naturally and side-effect free.


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Free Homeopathic Evaluation

  • If you do not know how homeopathy can help you
  • If you just want to learn how homeopathy can help your particular situation

Take advantage of this opportunity to speak directly to Sanford Lapedis, N.D., a classical homeopath with more than 30 years of experience.
AWAKEN your own body's ability to heal itself - naturally and without side-effects.

Aboslutely no obligation & no pressure. YOU decide whether homeopathy is the "path" for you.

This evaluation is not just somebody telling you general information about homeopathy. It is unique because it allows YOU the opportunity to get answers to YOUR OWN personal issues, concerns and questions.

Call Toll Free: 888-838-1949
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Free Homeopathic Evaluation

When was the last time your doctor called you?*

Sanford Lapedis N.D. will do a personal one-on-one evaluation.
He will call you on the phone and talk to you.
He will tell you how Homeopathy can help you.


Absolutely no obligation.
It will cost you nothing.

Limited number of Free Evaluations per month - Book Now!

Sanford Lapedis has only a limited amount of time for free evaluations.
Submissions are conducted on a “first come – first serve” basis.


Homeopathy Solutions is unique.

It offers you the opportunity to personally speak to Sanford Lapedis, at no charge, to see how homeopathy can work for you.

Get a Free Homeopathic Evaluation

Call Toll Free: 888-838-1949
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Free Homeopathic Evaluation

What you can expect

Sanford Lapedis will personally call you at your convenience. During this FREE, one time only, 15 minute conversation he will talk to you about your concerns and problems. He will explain what homeopathy can do for you. He will help you find an appropriate course of action to take.

Free Personal Evaluation - Call Toll Free: 888-838-1949 to book your FREE 15 minute evaluation.

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Why waste your valuable time in a waiting room?
Consult by telephone at your convenience and location of choice.


Sanford Lapedis N.D.

  • more than 30 years experience
  • certified Naturopath with ANN (Academy of Naturopaths &
  • lecturer & teacher of homeopathy

  • Homeopathic Practitioner with the Integral Health Clinic, Ottawa (2002-2007).
  • founder of Homeopathy Solutions (2004) & creator of the HS Self-Help Expert System


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HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT for Chronic ailments, Immune System disorders, and Mental/Emotional imbalances. Click Treatable Conditions to see a more complete reference of ailments.


*Sanford Lapedis, is not a medical doctor. He has more than 30 years as a Practitioner of Classical Homeopathy, and has successfully treated a wide range of conditions and disorders. Click Testimonials to hear what patients of Sanford Lapedis have to say. To learn more about him, click  Sanford Lapedis


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Get a Free Homeopathic Evaluation

Call Toll Free: 888-838-1949
Or click here to submit online

Free Homeopathic Evaluation



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