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by: Sanford Lapedis, ND, MDHS

Today, more than ever before, there is a dire need for homeopathy as our global community is facing its greatest challenges. And though the average life-span has continued to increase, the value of life has decreased in direct correlation. Simply put it is quantity without focus on quality!


Never before has there been such a dramatic worldwide proliferation in chronic and incurable diseases as has been witnessed during the 20th century, especially the latter half, and the beginning of the 21rst century. Now as we embark on the next millenium, it has been left to us to correct and restore the woes of humankind along with our entire global environment.


The causes of this unparalleled destruction are multifold and interrelated. With the advent of modern medicine's powerful and often suppressive drugs which tend to treat the outcome (manifest symptoms) of disease without addressing their cause and in most cases is either genetic and hereditary or a deficiency of the autoimmune system, they have thus driven the disease from a more superficial expression to a deeper level. (i.e. Thousands of documented cases of eczema treated with cortisone steroids or mercury and zinc oxide creams cause the outward eruption to disappear from the surface of the skin; and incidental to this surreptitious "cure" develop rheumatic or heart conditions.)


Antibiotics, though at times have life-saving uses, have been negligently abused and overused at the expense of damaging or compromising an individual's auto-immune system. Making the patient dependent on ever yet stronger and stronger drug therapies in order to find relief, but in reality have left them more susceptible to diseases and disorders that normally a healthy individual's own defense mechanisms would fight off.Then there are also the strains of bacterial, viral and parasitic organisms that in their own effort to survive have mutated and have become drug resistant. If you consider that these organisms have been surviving and adapting on this planet practically since its origins, it becomes obvious that they will continue to evolve. And though scientists will struggle to find newer and more powerful weapons to fight with, it is almost as if the organisms are prepared to lose the battle in order to win the war. Evidence of this had recently come to light with the discoveries of hospital bred bacteria that are antibiotic resistant, resurgence in incurable cases of tuberculosis which was deemed as irradiated in the western world, killer malaria viruses that had been assumed to be wiped out.


Basic laws of nature have been breached and irreparably altered; as in the survival of the fittest which was nature's built in mechanism or selective process for filtering out the weaker traits in any particular species. Science and medical advances have enabled genetically flawed DNA to be passed on and resulted in the proliferation of inherited systemic disorders. Thus as society continues to expand and co-mingle, transmutation and inter-combination of defective genetics on the level of the DNA have contributed to the general loss of quality of life.


Another factor is modern society's emphasis on achievement and success, and its resultant increase in stress and anxiety on a mass level. This has had a profound affect on all the levels of man's state of existence, where we find that people are always feeling exhausted and have practically lost their ability to rest and restore their own energy. Along with this loss of focus and deviant attitude has come polluted environments, food lacking substantial nutritional value and a society governed by fear and future shock.


With all these negative influences threatening the very fabric of man's existence - where can we look to for an effective and comprehensive solution? Humanity is most definitely in dire need of some positive solutions. Homeopathy is a holistic system of medicine that stimulates and encourages one’s own natural healing forces of recovery. Homeopathy works with the body’s natural healing forces instead of against them (suppressively).


Homeopathy is that solution because it has the power to restore the spiritual and physical well-being the entire world so dearly desires.


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