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As the season changes and colder air starts to blow, earaches become more prevalent. Children often forget to keep their ears covered on their way home from school and by the evening, start to complain about pain in their ears. The intensity of the pain increases rapidly and the mild ache can become a shooting or lancinating pain. As the pain increases, so too does their intolerance and ill-humor. They can become quite irritable, oversensitive and even angry. Even the slightest noise disturbs them and can have them howling and carrying on.


Like Hepar Sulphur Calcarea, they are sensitive to any cold draft of air, but in the homeopathic remedy Chamomilla, it can be any wind blowing that causes them distress. There is such sensitivity that the slightest touch will aggravate, as will stooping or bending forward which causes more blood to rush to the ears which in turn causes more pressure. The only thing that seems to bring any relief is applied warmth, but that has to be administered in such a way that causes minimal pressure. In such an extreme situation it is comforting to know that a few doses of Chamomilla 30c will bring relief and calmness to this extreme situation. The more extreme the pain the more frequent the doses can be repeated, even every 20-30 minutes until relief begins. After which the doses can be repeated every 2-4 hours until they are free of symptoms.

For those who tend to experience chronic or recurring Earaches, even though Chamomilla may have some temporary benefit, there is a more holistic homeopathic "constitutional" approach. This more comprehensive approach strives to get to the basic underlying disorder, and permanently remove the fundamental imbalance from where these recurrent episodes stem. If you, or someone you know, are interested in exploring this exciting option, click on the following link and submit a request for a 15 minute free evaluation where Sanford Lapedis, N.D. (a homeopathic practitioner with more than 30 years experience) will personally call you to explain the benefits of this approach:


Special note for those who are already taking “constitutional” homeopathic treatment: This recommendation should not interfere with your ongoing homeopathic treatment. Should this be a recurring condition, it is advisable to bring it to your practitioner’s attention.

This information is not to be considered in any way as medical advice, but is just an educational resource. It is always recommended that you consult your primary health care provider for all health matters or problems; nor is the information to be construed as a substitute for recommendations from your primary health care provider.

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