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Carbo Vegetabilis

Health Tip for the festive holidays:


Did you know that Carbo Vegetabilis can help for digestive problems that are a result of overeating or indigestion.


Just a couple of doses taken 15-20 minutes apart in the 30c potency can make the difference between a feeling of discomfort or satisfaction!


If you have chronic or recurrent indigestion or heartburn, there is probably a more systemic reason for your symptoms. A holistic homeopathic "constitutional" approach would likely be more benefitial. This more comprehensive approach strives to get to the basic underlying disorder, and permanently remove the fundamental imbalance from where these recurrent symptoms stem. If you, or someone you know, are interested in exploring this exciting option, click on the following link and submit a request for a 15 minute free evaluation where Sanford Lapedis, N.D. (a clasical homeopathic practitioner with more than 27 years experience) will personally call you to explain the benefits of this approach: free-homeopathic-evaluation

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