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Restoring Well-Being Through Homeopathy

by: Sanford Lapedis, ND, MDHS

Homeopathy is the science and art of restoring one's health and well-being on all the manifest levels of existence; spiritually, mental and emotionally, as well as physically. It is a science because it applies laws and proven studies of therapeutics and medicine, yet equally important it is an art because it involves perception, intuition and awareness. Thus the science and the art are like the two wings of a bird; one wing without the other and the bird is crippled and cannot fly; whereas taken together and made strong the bird can fly and soar to the heights of success, well-being and knowledge.


The human being is composite of physical and metaphysical realities, and it is not possible to bring about a state of harmony, or an absence of disease by treating only a single manifest level without concerning ourselves with the total being. The total being is a complex integration of body and senses, which are governed by the central nervous system and brain, which are in turn governed by the ego and soul who is the receiver of the results and experiences while interacting with the world and universe. These experiences are felt in the soul and known in the form of joy or sadness, peace or agitation, pleasure and pain, etc. All these apparent levels of one's existence are animated and permeated by spirit-like energy which can only be known when one reverses the outward flow of their attention, and looks within towards the transcendent reality of existence.


It is the total being who is imbalanced in sickness because all levels of their existence are always, and at all times, interacting and interrelating. We can see proof of this in the example of a person who is mentally stressed or upset and feels a state of peacelessness spiritually, while physiologically there may be tachycardia, increased respiration with a sense of pulmonary constriction. Or we may see a person after a serious physical accident is in a state of mental shock or trauma, and is affected emotionally with a sense of indifference or ennui. And another instance where a person who is spiritually unhappy may experience mental and emotional depression while physiologically they may have a loss of appetite, insomnia or a wide variety of other physical complaints.


Thus we can perceive that it is the total being who is brought into a state of disharmony in any given particular disorder no matter which level of existence is designated as the origin of the disease. Therefore it is necessary for a system of therapeutics to be evolved that deals with and considers the total being, and not just their parts. Homeopathy is that consideration!


It is a unique feature of homeopathic medicines which are able to stimulate an individual’s vital-force to restore harmony on both physical and metaphysical levels. It does this due to a homeopathic medicine’s inherent affinity to curatively channel dynamic energy. This field of dynamic energy is tapped by homeopathic substances by reversing their externalizing properties through a process of potentization. Everything in creation has, as it were, a potentiality or blue print for becoming manifest which ultimates itself as an apparent physical reality which then can perceived by the mind and senses. Homeopathic medicines utilize this potential energy and work from within to without. Through the process of potencization homoeopathic medicines are restored to their original energy field of existence, which in fact is actually the very potential to become that particular substance.


The therapeutic advantage in this technique is that homeopathy affects a human being’s vital-energy centers which have become imbalanced and are the most basic and primary levels of disharmony. It can be understood by the example of two individuals who travel to a district where there is a typhoid epidemic. Both eat, drink and breathe the same environmental influences, yet only one of them develops typhoid. Both have been equally exposed to the morbid bacteria, but only the one whose disposition is weak develops symptoms. The stronger one remains healthy because their defense mechanism or vital-force is able to overcome the morbid influences. From this example we can readily understand that the appearance of disease symptoms is only the outcome of an inner disposition or susceptibility. And it is this imbalanced disposition which is required to be brought back or returned to a state of strength and harmony in order for the individual to maintain health whatever stresses or environmental conditions are present. If we treat only the outward symptoms without treating the disposition it is not possible to cure the weakened vital-force which is in fact the underlying cause of all disease!


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