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a few testimonials from Sanford Lapedis' clients

"I wanted to take a moment to THANK YOU as well as summarize my experience under your care the past 3 years.

Let me begin with my story.  I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2002.  I averaged 6 to 10 trips to the bathroom a day.  On some bad days I may hit 20.  My Gastro Doc started my treatment with Lialda….with no success.  After that it was Asacol………….no luck here either.  Finally I was facing Remicade or Humira and after researching these drugs I was more afraid of the side effects than the Colitis!!

At my wife’s urging…………..ok it was more like yelling I reached out to Sanford Lapedis with Homeopathy Solutions.  I must confess my attitude was terrible and I really believed I did not have a chance to be normal again.  I had almost given up, glad my wife is smarter than me or I would not of met Sanford! 

The first conversations I had with Sanford was very personal and direct, it was the most questions I have ever been asked by anyone concerning my health.  I thought wow this is really different, this guy really cares!  That phone call was in August of 2010 and it began my journey to heal my body.  I have never met Sanford but I consider him not only my Doc but my friend.  Under his direct guidance I am healed and colitis free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

It was not a quick fix like so many people want including myself!!  It took time and effort, but if you are able to commit yourself to following his advice, it will change your life and restore your health.  I have learned how to eat better as well as be more in tune with my body and how it functions.  I can only speak to my experience with Sanford and let me tell you I fully endorse him as my healthcare provider!!!

Thanks Sanford!!"

Bryan – South Carolina

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"I have been a patient of Sanford Lapedis for a few years now. He helped me hugely with my back ache and overall sense of wellbeing.  My husband and I are in our mid-forties. When we got married few years ago we wanted to try for a baby right away.  Sanford was very, very helpful. With his advice, support and homeopathic remedies we now have a beautiful healthy little girl. No fertility drugs were needed. My pregnancy was very uneventful and healthy. The labor was ok too. I did not need a c-section or any other emergency measures.  After our daughter was born, being a first time mother of rather mature age, I wanted the best care for her. I was talking to Sanford weekly for the first few months. Again, I believe it is because of his care and support that our sweetie has been healthy and developing well. We only had a couple of short-lasting colds in an entire year. No ear infections, no other major health issues. It is a very significant accomplishment, because we live in a small remote northern community with long cold and dark winters and a wide variety of viruses circulating, including bad cases of RSV and various stomach flues. We also do not have a permanent family physician per say. If things happen to go bad, we can get to the emergency at the local regional hospital. I am very happy to report that we did not have to do that once since our daughter was born. We also used baby Tylenol or Advil just about 3 or 4 times in the whole year. And that’s with all the teething and vaccinations. Bottom line, I am extremely happy that I was introduced to Sanford Lapedis all those year ago. His care and advice contributed greatly to our quality of life, our good health and our happiness as a family. I feel very reassured knowing that Sanford is only an email or a phone call away and that he knows our family health history, he really cares like a best friend would, and he is always ready to help. We hope that our friendship will continue for many years to come. Thank you, dear Sanford!"

Svetlana Tumilty - Iqaluit, Nunavut

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"I had been receiving help for my poor digestion for the past 12 years with little to show for it, so at my first consultation in 2005 with Sanford Lapedis, he vowed to solve my digestive issues. Upon meeting him I immediately felt I was in professional hands. Here was a person who could get to the bottom of things. As the treatments started I felt better and got the sense he was peeling away layers to get at ever deeper levels. He treated the whole of me – physical, mental and emotional.

While under his experienced care, an infection I had contracted 16 years earlier suddenly flared up. It had been treated unsuccessfully with antibiotics at the time. Sanford handled the situation easily, giving me remedies for the physical symptoms as well as for the shock and fear. After treating the infection homeopathically my health stabilized, particularly my digestion.

More recently the focus has been on my low self esteem, a childhood issue I have carried into midlife. No therapy has even made a dent into this problem, so I had as good as given up ever making any progress on it. Sanford Lapedis’ treatment has proved me wrong. As the months go by I can feel what I thought was intractable slowly dissolve. In its place is a solid sense of self worth.

This is an amazing journey and I am grateful to have Sanford on my side."

Stefan Bussmann - Ottawa, Ontario
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"I wanted to thank you a million times for what you did for me an my familly for the past 3 years! With your help, we can now say that the pharmacies are not familiar places anymore. My son didn't take any antibiotics since, his body became stronger and his immunity increased amazingly....

From now on i don't think we are going to see other doctors for any health issues.....cause i don't trust them anymore!

God bless you!"

Andreea Mihailov – Montreal, Quebec
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"In 1995 my life virtually came to a halt because of mycobacterium avium, a lung infection. My health deteriorated slowly at first. But, over time I was becoming more and more house bound because any exertion on my lungs caused fatigue and pain through out my body.
My husband, John, and I went to several doctors for their opinions and method of treatment for this type of illness. I spent the next three years on heavy doses of antibiotics under the supervision of my physician, not realizing the harmful effects the medication was having on my mind and body. By the end of the third year my body had shut down. Mentally and physically I could no longer endure the destructive effects of the antibiotics on my body. I had hit a plateau and could not heal.
Treatment was discontinued and my husband, unwilling to give up, searched the internet for help and called health facilities in practically every state asking if they had successfully treated my specific problem.
One holistic-medical group responded positively. I spent five weeks in their total health program which included daily intravenous vitamin C, daily enema’s, daily infra red saunas, acupuncture every other day, vegetarian food program, and multiple vitamins and supplements, daily consultation with the attending doctor, and once a week individual meetings with a spiritual counselor. Completing the program I returned home only to find that within a few weeks my symptoms slowly started to return. Once again, I found myself house bound, tired and in pain.
Determined to find a solution, my husband searched the internet. He discovered Sanford Lapedis. Unacquainted with Homeopathy my husband talked at length with Sanford and the program I would follow. I immediately started the prescribed program and the rest is history. After one month on the program a shift took place in my mind and body and the beginning of rapid healing occurred.
Today, at age 69, I feel like a new, young woman full of energy, life and love. No longer am I house bound. I move gracefully, energetically and full of confidence with a wonderful sense of wellness.
As my health steadily improved, I purchased a beautiful eight week, white, female Maltipoo and named her Trixe. We both enrolled in an obedience training class. Imagine the stamina and endurance required!! Next, I started Agility Training with Trixe. She jumps through hurdles and tires and runs through tunnels. Each day finds me living an active fuller life because of Sanford and his healing remedies.
My husband, John, is a very happy man and appreciates the changes Sanford Lapedis brought to our lives! Thanks to Sanford I have reclaimed my life.
My recovery is not yet complete, but, I have confidence it will be soon. Sanford is there for me every step of the way. His gentle, compassionate manner, his successful outcome with each session, and his professionalism has no equal. His words of wisdom are profound.
I am grateful our paths met. In deep appreciation I thank you, Sanford for the gift of wellness. Both John and I thank you for doing what you do and for doing it so well.
Again, in praise and gratitude."
Dawn & John Balog – Lahaina, Hawaii
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"I am 36 years old and I have had Ulcerative Colitis for the last 6 years. I was in control of it most of the time until I had my second child. My colitis went out of control and I was put on all sorts of harsh medications to keep it in remission, including Prednisone, Imuran and even Remicade. All of which caused serious side effects including weight gain, osteopenia, shingles, allergic reactions and the potential to develop cancer. I was told, however, that I could NEVER go off these medications and that my only other option was surgery, and trust me, I tested that theory and I relapsed every time I tried to get off the medications. When some secondary problems related to my colitis started appearing, I lost ALL hope and decided that surgery would be my next step…until…I confided in some special people in my life who, in turn, suggested that I call Sanford for homeopathic remedies before I go and have parts of my body taken out. My first reaction… “Homeopathy? If medication can’t help me, then how is natural stuff going to help?”…Very skeptical! But, I was told to have faith and it may take some time but, be patient, and try it. So, I gave Sanford a call at a time that I was experiencing yet another acute attack. I spoke to my Gastroenterologist and Sanford within a few days of each other and was told by my GI to go back on prednisone, and was told by Sanford to try a few remedies before I tried Prednisone. I opted to try Sanford’s remedies and within DAYS I started feeling better. And within weeks, he took me from an acute attack which would have hospitalized me, to feeling very hopeful that I would be feeling better soon. So, I stuck firm to my decision to continue with Sanford and NOW… I look like I did before I had children (aside for the grey hairs I grew thanks to the health stresses) and my colitis symptoms have virtually disappeared as have all the other complications it caused (joint pains etc.). Working with Sanford to improve my health is a great journey. He is helping me learn so much about myself and my ailment and how to work to improve my health by listening to my body from the inside out. His calm, understanding personality combined with his knowledge about homeopathy has given me my life back and we are both looking forward to making me COMPLETELY MEDICATION FREE!!! Thank you Sanford!!!"
Rosie Dosanjh – Brampton, Ontario
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"Dear Sanford Lapedis, thank you for your friendship, skills, knowledge, gentleness, comprehensiveness and consultation for my health needs. I am extremely please with your competence, concern and caring manner. You are a jewel!"
Rev. J.S. Hancock, pastor – McComb, Mississippi
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“Hello dear Sanford Lapedis, I would like to THANK YOU for the conversation, for your calm and pleasant attitude, and the way you talk to me, and listen to all my stories. You made me feel like I have known you for years, and that I can share everything with you, even the deepest parts of my soul. You have been blessed to be such an understanding and listening person.”
Dora Morrill – Sarasota, Florida
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"I was visiting my family when I had a bad fall and sprained my ankle and injured my back. I decided to try the homeopathic approach with Sanford Lapedis because I did not want to spend my vacation flat on my back and drugged out on pain killers and anti-inflammatories. To my delight the homeopathic treatment Sanford put me on took away the pain and inflammation overnight and got me back on my feet by the next day. And not only that, there was absolutely no unsightly bruising on my ankle!"
Charlotte Ruttenberg – West Palm Beach, Florida
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“I wanted to thank you personally for your professional expertise in homeopathic remedies. After having problems sleeping for approximately three months last spring, the remedy you prescribed worked for me on the second night. At the time, I felt it was a miracle as conventional medicines such as sleeping pills did not work for me as I felt awful during the day and consequently, I was feeling quite depressed at the time. I have not had any problem sleeping since you started prescribing remedies for me. Occasionally, when I do wake up in the night, I have no problem getting back to sleep. My joy of life has returned and I feel energetic and healthy again. Thank you for patiently answering my questions about homeopathy. Your caring and trustworthy character makes me completely comfortable in recommending you to my family and friends.”
Susan Black - Toronto, Ontario
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"Sanford Lapedis is a very caring naturopathic practitioner who has been successfully treating my family for a number of years. My chronic health problems are being alleviated under his care. I find he listens carefully and treats with compassion, backed by his extensive knowledge and training. For those seeking alternative healthcare, I would not hesitate to recommend Sanford Lapedis."
Jackie Gazzard - Ottawa, Ontario
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“I first met Sanford Lapedis in the AMI Hospital, a place where conventional and alternative health care disciplines work in conjunction. Upon meeting the doctors and nurses of the clinic and many of the patients, I was impressed by the results of the combined approaches, especially by the homeopathic treatment administered by Sanford, who is achieving curative results in his practice. I came to know Sanford Lapedis as a sincere person and as a skilled homeopath. I have had eczema all my life, which would cover most of my body with sores and intense itching, making it impossible for me to sleep through the night or participate in sports activities. I have had little relief from other treatments until Sanford treated me constitutionally.”
Albert Schilte, M.D. - Maastricht, Netherlands
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"Sanford Lapedis has been treating me for an eating disorder for several years now and I have received a great deal of help and support from him. I am learning to trust and appreciate the very deep healing process that homeopathy is. Sanford has been extremely supportive, sensitive, and available during difficult times. He always makes me see the progress I've made, never loosing sight of my goal... but through perseverance and patience, homeopathy has become a rewarding and beneficial process. I highly recommend Sanford Lapedis to anyone who wants to become a healthier person. He certainly has helped me, and continues to do so as I go through this journey with him."
Betsie Rajani - Ottawa, Ontario
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“For many years I suffered from acute migraine, psoriasis and a distressing vacuum-like feeling in my right ear. I consulted various doctors and homeopaths, but none seemed to make much progress in my case. Under the treatment of Sanford Lapedis I am happy to say that he has cured me! In addition I have, with the aid of his treatment, become significantly happier and have gained a much more balanced state of mind. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who would like to become a healthier individual. He has certainly helped improve my life.”
Axel Frodhe – Oslo, Norway
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“I first started taking homeopathic treatment because I was suffering from ailments like bloating, gas and constipation. But my priority was to lose weight and get my body to react properly to food. The homeopathic therapist I started seeing helped me understand how my emotional state was affecting my body. The very first remedy he gave me worked instantly. I woke up the following morning a new person. The world had many different facets and colours I had never seen or understood before. But due to an unfortunate accident to my homeopath I turned to Sanford for homeopathic consultations. This has changed my life just as it did after my very first homeopathic appointment. Sanford was that new pair of eyes and ears that the other homeopath, who had gotten to know me too well, had always spoken about. Sanford carried me to the next level of health. I now enjoy my life and live each and every day to its fullest. With all these new ideas, comforts and revelations comes the loss of 20lbs. I used to eat to comfort myself emotionally, and now I eat only because it is something we have to do in order to live a healthy life.”
Filomena Tittarelli – Ottawa, Ontario
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“Previously, I had always been given topical treatments for my chronic skin problems. After awhile, I realized that not only was my condition getting worse, but the treatments were not targeting the cause, but just the reaction. I began my appointments with Sanford Lapedis about a year ago out of concern for my chronic skin problems hoping to find a sustainable solution. Sanford helped me understand that there were other areas of my life that had to be fixed first. My skin condition was merely a by-product of a deeper problem. I had developed a high stress lifestyle which I believed would make me happy, but the process itself was obsessive and exhausting. Since I began with Sanford, I have changed my approach and my life has improved drastically.”
Justin Swan - Ottawa, Ontario
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"I have been suffering from increasing levels of anxiety over the last few years, which has manifested itself as a variety of physical symptoms (chest pain, dizziness, weakness, and lethargy). Multiple visits to my family doctor and a variety of specialists, which prompted a multitude of testing including a CAT Scan and an ECG, resulted in additional frustration and increased anxiety due to the lack of diagnosis. The only recommended treatment was tranquilizers. In desperation I thought I would try a more holistic approach. I have been seeing Sanford Lapedis for over one year now, and have found a tremendous improvement. Within the first couple of months my anxiety level decreased significantly, and most of my physical symptoms were greatly reduced. We continue to work as we get closer and closer to the core. I find his gentle manner and his thoughtful probing questions very conducive to a healthy interaction within a very trusting environment. He brings a highly optimistic approach to each session. I would highly recommend Sanford Lapedis' services for those seeking improvement in their health and well-being."
Joyce Landry – Ottawa, Ontario
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“I feel very indebted to Sanford and his expertise and insight. There have been so many profound changes in my life since I began seeing him. He has helped me ovecome physical and emotional issues that have been with me my whole life, and I look forward to experiencing further improvements through his care."
Cheryl Gazzard – Vancouver, B.C.
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"Homeopathy works on two levels for me. The first level involves symptoms that are easily noticed by myself and others. They are recognizable as "something wrong" and can be treated fairly quickly. For example, if I have a chest cold with a deep, rattling, often painful cough, Sanford will give me a remedy and the cough will go away within a couple of days or even within hours. Before I had Homeopathy in my life, this cough could last for up to two months!The second level on which homeopathy works for me involves something much "deeper" and works over time, sometimes weeks, and sometimes months and years. It's the main reason for my enduring fascination with and deepest respect for homeopathy. I believe Sanford calls this "working at the constitutional level". When we are working at the constitutional level, truly amazing things happen inside my body, my mind, my spirit, and even in the everyday workings of my life.Let me give you my most recent example. I don't consider my self overweight in general, but since I was fifteen years old I have always "hated" two pockets of stubborn fat that sit and smirk at me from my hips every time I look in the mirror. Cosmetic surgeons "lovingly" refer to them as a violin "deformity" because they make my hips look like a violin. (This is truly what they call hips like mine!) As I have aged, I have also learned to "hate" the cellulite that graces my thighs. (It really "cheeses" me off and I've given up trying to get rid of it!)Anyway, it has been a real battle for me to try to get rid of those pockets of hip fat. Even if I lose weight they won't go away. I once weighed in at 109lbs and they were still there! If I gain weight they are the first place on my body to puff up. And yes I've even had liposuction to get rid of them. To no avail. They came back!A few weeks ago, I focused on this issue in my session with Sanford and told him how depressing this problem was for me. He listened intently, smiled sweetly, and handed me my prescription. "Gris" . . . something? Well, let me tell you. The most amazing thing has happened.First, a couple of days ago I put a skirt on that I've had for a while but never worn. It fit perfectly when I bought it, but it's hanging off of me now. It looks too big for me! Okay. So . . . I haven't changed my eating habits that I'm aware of. I'm not on a diet. In fact it's late November and my activity level is actually lower than it was when I bought the skirt. So what's going on here? I've learned over the years that the answer to questions like this are one word. "HOMEOPATHY"!!However, here's the best part of all this . That part is the "mind" and "spirit" part. What this remedy is doing somehow, is changing my "mind" to "think" that my hips aren't so bad after all. In fact, if I look at them in the context of my whole body as a woman, they make me look rather . . .well. . . "womanly"! In fact (I can't believe I'm actually going to say this . . .) I kind of like them. (There. I said it!) I can't honestly say that I still want to get rid of them anymore. AND on top of this, how I see myself as a person is changing. I feel more confident around people. I'm more eager to "stick up for myself" in situations where I'm not being treated as well as I'd like to be treated. I've actually used the words "I'm worth more than that" in a couple of situations and totally surprised myself.And I know it's the remedy. It's Homeopathy. Somehow my self worth is connected to two pockets of hip fat and somehow this remedy is working to change that!! I'm generally feeling better about myself not just about my hips. So all I can say is God bless Sanford. Keep those remedies coming, and . . . I LOVE HOMEOPATHY.”
Meredith Charlebois – Ottawa, Ontario
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“Sanford Lapedis has been treating me for the past several years, and I have come to appreciate the value of the subtle yet very deep-reaching healing system of homeopathy. He inspires optimism and trust and never loses sight of the goal - total health. I recommend him with pleasure, as a careful, sincere and sensitive expert in homeopathy.”
Gisella Janowski, M.D. – Lubeck, Germany
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“I have spent most of my adult life in search of solutions for various health issues, both physical and emotional. I had slipped into a dark and discouraging pattern that threatened to stifle not only my own life but that of my family. The journey I took to help myself and those around me led away from traditional medicine (which only wanted to treat individual symptoms, without success) and led me down a path to the less than orthodox choices leading to good health. Each step provided some success, but I kept coming up against a wall that felt like a complete dead end.It was not until I started being treated by Sanford Lapedis that I began to realize my true potential. Guided by his wisdom and tremendous insight into the capabilities of homeopathy, I experienced the most extraordinary changes. Obstacles began to crumble and I have been able to change my life in ways that have astonished family and friends and even co-workers. I have regained good health, peace of mind and the desire to participate fully in life.Not only have I been able to help myself , but my children have also benefited hugely from homeopathic treatments by Sanford. It is the best gift I could have given them, myself and those around me.”
Veronica Verdicchio – Ottawa, Ontario
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“Thank God you are out there. I would have long ago given up and become drug dependent. You are one h... of a good listener, not only that, compassionate and intelligent. Oh, I must not forget to say patient. I have been seeing you now for close on to two years. What a difference you have made in my life. You have given me the courage and the will to see this malady through. I, know it takes its time to become whole again. One does not get sick all of a sudden, it builds up over time. So, one cannot expect to recover overnight. But your ministrations have made my quality of life better. There is still lots more to ferret out and correct. So, you will be called upon for another lengthy time. I always look forward to our hour together, and come away with feelings of hope and peace. Thank you... can't say it often enough.”
Anneliese Tinneberg – Gatineau, Quebec
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“As a child, my asthma and environmental allergies were severely debilitating. I spent years visiting different medical professionals, all of whom placed me on drug regimens with side effects even worse than the symptoms. Eventually, I began homeopathic treatments, and with the help of Sanford Lapedis, my ailments have been nearly eradicated. Now I feel healthy and whole, and I'm looking forward to a fuller life than I ever could have imagined.”
Sandra Gazzard – Ottawa, Ontario
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"My name is Joshua, and I am 14 years old. I first sought homeopathic treatment when western medicine could not cure my sinus problems. I couldn’t sleep, I was constantly disoriented, and I was throwing up. Then I went to see Sanford Lapedis. He told me that my stress and emotional problems caused my symptoms. I was given some homeopathic medicine to take. I followed the dosage, and my symptoms started to clear up. I also went to sessions with him, and every time I came out, I felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. Now, not only have all my sinus problems cleared up, but also my quality of life has vastly improved. I have a lot more self-esteem, confidence, and life is great. I feel like a better person. Its no exaggeration to say that homeopathy has changed my life."
Joshua Coburn - Alymer, Ontario
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“I have been a patient, client and fan of Sanford Lapedis since 1992. At that time I was desperate to find a cure for a chronic case of very painful and prevalent eczema on my hands. I had already tried many other treatments, both allopathic and complementary, but all to no avail. Over the course of time, Sanford's homeopathic remedies not only successfully eradicated the eczema, but also went on to work on a deep level of being, strengthening and revitalizing my whole system. Homeopathy works, but only when there is a perfect match between the ailment and the remedy. For that to occur, a skilled and sensitive healer is needed. Sanford Lapedis is one such person. In fact, he has become my number one health practitioner. His insightful approach, both gentle and effective, brings a new dimension to the art of healing.I highly recommend Sanford Lapedis in his capacity of homeopathic doctor to work with all acute and chronic cases of dis-ease.”
Susan Randall – Wakefield, Quebec
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