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A Personal Story With A Happy Ending

by: Maude Schreier

My hand looked like the claw of a grotesque monster! It was as painful as it was ugly - and it was spreading! It had begun as a dull pain in the first joint of my thumb and had quickly extended to the base of the thumb and then to the other fingers of my right hand. Within a week my hand was curled up in a hideous and painful distortion of a human hand. I could no longer grasp a doorknob, prepare meals or even do up or undo a button. I had consulted every local doctor and even one specialist from another city; still I had nothing more than partial and temporary relief. I was advised that there was no cure to this condition and that treatment was limited to drugs that would act only to relieve the pain. There was, I was informed, no way to correct the actual condition.


Who knows how this story might have ended had I not, to my good luck, happened to hear about a gentleman who was practicing homeopathic medicine! I didn’t waste any time in arranging a consultation with him. When I presented my problem, he assured me that homeopathic treatment would not only alleviate the pain, but by getting to the root cause of the condition, could eliminate it. This was my first ray of hope, and I seized the opportunity without hesitation.


On my first visit, the Dr. Lapedis proceeded to ask me a series of questions, some of which I found very unusual. How did it start? How did it progress? Describe the type of pain. What makes it feel better? What makes it worse? Then he asked some questions that did not seem to relate to my hand at all, like food preferences and eating patterns, mental tendencies as well as lifestyle. I thought the interview very odd, but he appeared to be very confident and was deeply attentive to my responses.He explained to me that homeopathy works at a deep level to correct any imbalances in the system. Every individual has an auto immune system, in which sometimes there occurs a malfunction, and it needs to be stimulated to do its essential work. Homeopathic remedies operate naturally to strengthen the patient’s own immune system and help it function the way it is supposed to.


Dr. Lapedis went on to say that Homeopathy is holistic in its approach. That means that he was not treating just my hand, or a particular disease, but me as a whole. This requires differentiation, that is to say that the homeopath needs to know what makes one patient different from other people in general and in what way things affect one patient in particular and not just how the disease presents itself. The doctor told me that it was also important to observe what changes take place. He wanted to know how the disorder changed my normal disposition, mental and emotional, not only physical. These aspects are not separate because as we have all observed, physical changes affect mental and emotional dispositions while mental and emotional attitudes affect the physical being.


Seen in this light, I did not mind answering his many questions and as a matter of fact, it made me feel “special” to have someone so keenly interested in hearing about my individual experiences. It was pleasant to experience the attention to me, as opposed to being a “case” of a disorder.


Homeopathic medicine gave me what seemed like miraculous relief from the pain. Previously, when I had taken drugs to reduce the pain, they had to be very strong because the agony had been so intense and I didn’t really experience freedom from pain, but rather I would just crash out for a period of time. Inevitably, I would emerge from this drug-imposed senseless state to the sensation of acute distress once again. The pain had never decreased; I had just become numb to it as well as numb to the world. With homeopathic treatment, the improvement was permanent. The ailment got better in the reverse order that it had come. The first correction was in the most recently affected area and progressed to where the disorder had begun, and the first joint in my thumb was returned to normalcy. Within ten days, I once again had full and free movement of my hand.


This was the beginning of the happy ending. I was so impressed with the way homeopathy works, I have been using it ever since, with great success, when any problem or disorder arises. Looking about me, I cannot see many people in their mid-seventies, as I now am, who enjoy the quality of life that I do. How many people do you know of that age who are well adjusted and balanced, maintaining a healthy system without the necessity of intrusive surgical procedures or taking strong drugs with their known side effects? One thing you cannot see, however, is what is known as the “suppressive” quality of powerful drugs. These make symptoms go away, but push the disorder deeper into the system where the effects can be much more serious. What you probably will notice is how this person just keeps getting “one thing after another” and each one a little worse.


Longevity has increased, but not necessarily the quality of life. All this got me to thinking about how much homeopathy could help so many people. I noted that statistics show that the life span of humanity has increased however, the same does not follow for the quality of life. Yes, it appears that people are living longer, but so many of them suffer from disorders like Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s, Osteoporosis, Arthritis and other debilitating diseases. And it isn’t just the elderly who suffer. I read recently that even the Plague has returned to torment humanity and that tuberculosis, which was believed to have been eradicated, has returned. Diseases, once responsive to certain drugs, have now become more virulent and drug-resistant, such as malaria. Can we ignore the suffering and heartbreak caused by AIDS? Everyone has heard about AIDS, but do they know what the letters represent? They tell the whole story. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. This means that the auto immune system, the body’s own defense mechanism, has been seriously weakened or impaired. That’s the end result of a history of the use of “suppressive” medication. Indiscriminate use of antibiotics and suppressive drugs weaken a person’s natural resistance and increase the disposition for more attacks. This imbalance is also passed on genetically, that is to say, from generation to generation. This millennium is an age where people are more informed and are looking for better solutions.


Homeopathy offers the opportunity for pro-active medical decisions. Health care systems are so overburdened that as much as they wish to, they cannot give the proper care and attention that each person needs and deserves. You must have noticed how all too often, health care systems, having to concern themselves with limited finances and overloading, have been forced into becoming bureaucratic organizations where people are more processed than treated. This is certainly not what they set out to accomplish, and has become a situation that is regretted no less by the health care systems themselves than by its users. Homeopathy allows individuals to take care of themselves more efficiently and effectively. This, in turn would increase the level of individual health and so reduce a person’s need to consult a physician. You can see how that would lighten the load of the existing infra structure of medical services and doctors would have more time for cases that require their intervention.


This millennium is burdened by stress-related ailments. Society’s attention on greater achievement and success brings with it a host of stress-related ailments in hitherto unknown proportions. Homeopathy can treat emotional and mental imbalances and bring back a state of equilibrium and harmony.


There exists today, the need for a more refined system of medicine. Many of the approved medical practices of earlier times are now considered barbaric, such as blood letting, vivisection and leeching etc. Do you not suppose that some surgical procedures and gross application of harsh drugs will not at some future time, also be termed barbaric? Homeopathy treats a human being gently, efficiently and effectively in the subtlest, non-intrusive way.


Classical Homeopathy has stood the test of time. Practical application of homeopathic principles has been and is being used widely in Asia, Europe and South America. Only North America lags behind, but currently a great deal of interest is being shown on this continent as well. Classical Homeopathy is not a “new age” fad; it has stood the test of time since Samuel Hahnemann developed it in 1810. Its principles remain true, effective and completely beneficial to mankind.


Man is a total being, not just a material body. Medicine that is attuned only to the physical body is limited in its scope. Homeopathic remedies are dynamic in nature and possess more than physical properties. These remedies effect or bring about the most subtle changes in the human system. This is so because they act on the level of the most refined aspect of a human being, the vital force.


Hahnemann, the Father of Classical Homeopathy, has stated that what sustains and maintains life is the life force or vital force, without which there is no life. Any derangement in this animating principle will result in disorders in a human being. Homeopathy treats these disorders or ailments at the causal or vital force level.

Physicians of this new millennium have the responsibility of bringing about the restoration of total health by removing any derangement or alteration in the vital force. Homeopathic remedies operate at this vital level. In the hands of competent and caring doctors, homeopathic treatment is the ideal method for achieving the successful and true aim of a physician – the health and wellbeing of all his patients.


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